Assistance from lawyers can make situations less bothersome. For example, if you are getting a divorce, you might not know how your ex-partner can exploit you during the procedure. They can raise divorce property issues Barrie, and more. In such situations, it is better to get a divorce lawyer's help. Similarly, when you have to fight about your child's custody, you should contact a family lawyer to assist you throughout the procedure.

For this, you can visit Owen & Associates Law. You can find one of the best family lawyers in Barrie at this law firm. Apart from the best family lawyers, you can contact the following professionals from Owen & Associates Law to assist you during child custody cases.


The family law Barrie might have some provincial changes. But still, the experts from Owen & Associates Law can help you in the best possible way. For example, the mediators at this law firm will help you work with the ex-spouse to plan your children's future. The mediators can help both the involved parties draw conclusions regarding the planning of the child's future. Also, they have handled several similar situations. So they can provide suitable solutions to your case.

Private Evaluator:

If you plan to come up to conclusions about child custody with your ex-spouse, there is no such problem. But when the case moves to court, there can be some complications. You can contact a private evaluator from Owen & Associates Law in these situations. They will conduct interviews with the parents, children, family members, etc. These interviews will help you get an evaluation that proves to be useful in court. Many people have already hired private evaluators from this law firm and proved their side strong in child custody cases.


Owen & Associates Law undoubtedly has the best Barrie family lawyers who handle custody cases professionally and exceptionally well. These lawyers understand how complicated child custody cases are and how another involved party can influence the case. They will try their best to defame you to get your child's custody. Therefore, you will need solid proof and statements to discard all the fake allegations. And expert lawyers from Owen & Associates Law can help you in this situation. They can help you get a better hold of the case. So, relying on them for child custody cases is the best.

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